Litter " N"

NothinToHide Dobermans are pleased to announce that on April 2nd we had a successful delivery of 6 puppies. 5 black /rust males and 1.

black/rust females. NO DILUTION

Sire: LIBERATOR'S MAN IN MOTION Pedigree and Health Testing

Dame: CH BBIS NothinToHide's Genuine Jewel Pedigree  and Health Testing 

NothinToHide's Nitro  "Dexter"

NothinToHide's Now is the Time  "Rex"

I just want to thank you again Jean this dog has made me so happy! She’s smart, lovable, and the most beautiful dog I’ve ever met. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog.

sent September 1
I hope you keep doing what your amazing at cause I think In a couple years venom is gonna need a friend [😍]

Alina and Venom

NothinToHide's Noble King  "King"

NothinToHide's Notorious  "Cario"

Cairo the Notorious is our little high energy, high affection pup. He’s Notorious alright, notorious for being mischievous when no one is giving him attention! Cairo absolutely loves other people and dogs. He learns tricks at such an incredible rate, sometimes we forget he’s still a baby and needs a little extra attention. He loves to listen to his dad and to snuggle his mom. We can’t imagine our life without him. 

 Thank you to Jean, Joan, and the dobes!

NothinToHide's Naughty or Nice  "Venom"

NothinToHide's Natural Gift  "Shilo"

NothinToHide Dobermans