NothinToHide's LookOut  "Bolo"

LeBron will be 11 months old on Monday and has impressed me more then expected. I've dreamt of having a Doberman my whole life and everyday LeBron shows me why, he is like an olympic athlete with energy, integrity and commitment. Now with those attributes comes some challenges like other pets but LeBron is a quick learner, already graduated beginner obedience and well on his way with more then basics training. We will work on a task for less then 15 mintues conquering it and a week later it's like he was doing the task for years. LeBron's unconditional love is like no other I've experienced, always knows where his human family is wanting to get our approval and love. He has a little min pin 15 yr old sister that he adores and has grown to be gentle with now LeBron has grown into his long legs and not so clumsy.​

We can't thank you enough for giving us such a special dog to fill our hearts again !!!!
Jess and Daniel

Kaiser has been doing great and has been a wonderful addition to our family! He gets along really well with other animals and is very patient and calm when around younger children. He enjoyed camping with us this summer but is not the biggest fan of water, he did however go in the canoe with us and slept the whole time. Daniel has been taking him to work everyday which has really helped socialize him with other people. We have been taking him for walks in the forest and loves to run off leash. We are still working on him not pulling on the leash, and to come when around other dogs but he is getting better each day. Since day one he has had no issues sleeping in his crate at night or to just lay in it when we are watching tv, but he really loves to cuddle and any opportunity he can have to snuggle up beside you he will take!! He is following basic commands very well, and we get so many compliments on what a beautiful dog we have.

 We have latch handles so she has figured out how to open their doors. She is beyond smart and observant.
Our daughter and son both love walking her and taking her to the dog parks and trails. Our daughter enjoys taking her to the pet store so that BOLO can pick out a new toy, it is quite the bond and I love to see it!

We are so happy she is part of our family!

coming along as well - we use it a lot with all the gross (in my opinion)/ yummy (in her opinion) things we encounter on our walks as well as inside when she gets a bit too rambunctious around the cats! 

She is so cuddly and is my constant shadow. I have not felt lonely since I met her. We love napping together inside and running around together outside. I love her with all my heart!! She is so sensitive, fun-spirited, devoted and alert. I couldn't dream of a better dog! She is such a charming little lady! She makes me happy and proud every day! Thank you so much for bringing her into my life!
😊 Have a nice weekend!


NothinToHide's Lunar Eclipse  "Luna"

NothinToHide's LeBron"LeBron"

Born May 22nd 2018. 8 puppies total. 3 black and rust females, 2 Red and Rust males,3 Black and Rust Males.

Sire: Ch. Liberator's Quantum of SolacePedigree and Health Testing

Dame: CH BBIS NothinToHide's Genuine Jewel  Pedigree  andHealth Testing  B

Hi Jean! 

Halo is doing great! She is growing so fast, I can't believe it! She is over 30 pounds now and has started loosing her baby teeth! We have started puppy classes and they are really helping her feel more comfortable with meeting new people and other dogs. Now, when I take her to dog-friendly stores, she wants to sniff and meet all the other shoppers! 

She is so bright and responsive and really enjoys training with me! Her newest trick is roll over! So cute! We are hard at work learning to walk on a loose leash - she is getting very good at it on our regular walking routes but she tends to forget the rules when she is in new exciting places! Her 'leave it' is really

NothinToHide's Lethal Weapon"Ruxin"

NothinToHide's Liberty Spirit  "Spirit"

Litter " L "  

Luna is great, she reminds us so much of her great grandmother NothinTohides Autumn Angel. One quick learner for things that she wants to learn. LOL 

We are starting handling classes again this January and hope to show Luna this spring. Although we have not been active for a couple a years in CKC Show and Trial events, we are welcoming the return with our super star NothinToHides Lunar Eclipse. I have taken her just about everywhere, now it is time to show.

NothinToHide's Legacy  "Tyson"

 My boy is a dream... He sleeps a lot, plays a lot..and is getting very good with outside wee wee and poo poo.  Eating well, affectionate, bonding and happi!

He LOVES other dogs. Hence his puppy certificate.

Thank you Jean [❤]

I love him so much!!!

Ginny & Spirit

NothinToHide's Living Legend"Kaiser"

NothinToHide's Lemon Drop  "Halo"

NothinToHide Dobermans

Once she wakes up in the morning she is beyond happy, we call it the hummingbird tail… because it's moving so fast! She can't wait to go and check on the kids and say good morning.Hi Jean, hope you are doing well.

We have fallen so in love with this not so little puppy. She weighed in at 35 lbs at her last checkup. She is sociable and wants to make friends with everyone! She loves cuddles and man can she run!!!
She is mischievous but not in a bad way, she was quick to house train, barely any accidents and is quick to ask to go out by sitting at the door.
We see a lot of our other Doberman in her. Such a kind sweet yet protective demeanor.