We are pleased to announce  a successful mating between Sire: CH. Liberator's Apache Warbonnet and Dame: CH. NothinToHide Endless Summer. This is a repeat breeding of litter " F ".

Born March 19th 2016. 8 puppies total. One black and rust female, One Red and Rust Female,Two Black and Rust Males and 4 Red and Rust Males.

NothinToHide's Jessie Duke  "Duke"

Hey Jean!

Axel is doing amazing.She loves the puppies that are smaller than her and she's a bit more reserved around the bigger puppies but her socialization is really good. She's great with people, is a little shy at first but still super friendly. We even brought her around my 1 year old niece and she was so gentle with her, it was actually so relieving lol 

All in all, we love her and are so happy to have her and appreciate all the group chats and follow ups!  

I wish we lived closer so that we could be around the other puppies.

You are definitely on the great breeders list!


NothinToHide's Jeweled Raven  "Raven"

Short video clip

of Litter " J ".

4 weeks old

Hi Jean,

Happy 6 months birthday to the puppies! Jackson is doing alright. He goes to puppy kindergarten 3 days a week now, and he is a good boy there. They play mind games and teach basic commands with him...he comes home exhausted.

He has lots of dog friends there, and slowly is getting used to more and more staff...he definitely has his favourites.

As for walking, well...that is still not good. He is a puller, and absolutely hates bikes, and people on bikes. We are still working on getting him not to randomly bark at people and other dogs too. We are being very firm with him when we are out and get him to lay down or stand by our side if he starts barking. Once he knows people he is fine.

Other than that he is awesome, he doesn't bite at all anymore, completely potty trained, and we love him to bits. He goes out for walks, goes to parks, and has nightly runs that tucker him out.

Thanks for the email!

NothinToHide's Jagger Jackson   "Jackson"

NothinToHide's Jessie James  "Jessie"

NothinToHide's Jersey Girl  "Axel"

NothinToHide Dobermans

What can we say it was love at first site, we could not let him leave our home. Hopefully, Jessie will go on and follow his sister's footsteps and become a Canadian Champion. He caught me eye right from the start. Expecting great things from Jessie in the ring. Be watching for us this summer  2017.

Hi Jean,
Leo is doing great. As of last week, he's about 62 lbs.
We're planning on taking him to agility courses now that he's gone through a few obedience classes. There's a flyball group near us that we're also looking at. He's a great dog and a perfect addition to our family. In regards to kids, he loves everyone.

Thank you!

Mike and Marina

Hey Jean!

Raven is doing well, growing by leaps and bounds and getting bolder every day (in a nice way). She is walking really well on a leash. We finally got the Dog Watch system fix and Raven's training is going well. She is the first dog I've trained that automatically curves back inside the safe area.
We are bad puppy parents, we didn't have a birthday celebration for Raven. Maybe we can make it up to her by letting her sleep in our bed tonight - oh wait a minute she does that most night  so it's not a special treat.
Her favorite activity is racing against Pitt and she always wins. She is good with the cats and great with the grandchildren.


Hi Jean,
Kaiser is doing wonderful and he is socializing very well - he plays nicely with dogs of all sizes. He has one more puppy class left before he graduates and goes to secondary training classes. We take him on daily walks but he is more interested in playing during his walk and not the actual walk itself, even so it is a great opportunity for him to get introduced to new people and dogs. He has only barked once – and that was because the other dog barked first but other than that, he is pretty quiet when he’s on a walk. He doesn’t enjoy car rides and will whine the whole way but he’ll stay quiet if he has a something to chew on.
 We finally got the hang of ear posting.

Thank you,
Johan and Gida   

NothinToHide's J. Lyoto Machida  "Leo"

Hi Jean,
All is well. Jet is growing fast, he is very sweet and easy to train. Training classes went well he is very food motivated. He loves the kids and there is zero aggression or growling at the kids, if he's tired he goes into the crate and kids let him be.

Now we are working on impulse control, he is learning that he cant lunge and bark on leash. .Jet is so great off leash but gets really reactive on leash around dogs. We love him so much.

NothinToHide's Jedi Justice  "Jet"

NothinToHide's Jumpin Jack Flash  "Kaiser"