NothinToHide Dobermans

It has been love at first sight, daughter falls in love with Gemma and really starts to take an interest in training.. Gemma just seems to love it.

Hi Jean,

It's hard to say what Conrad's temperment is like- it seems to change from week to week! he finds new things to be a pain in the butt about(this week is toilet paper obsession) and then he finds ways to get sweeter every week lol. (this week he sits beside me It's hard to see the true doberman nature at this point he's still too busy acting like a puppy.
He is much like Gemma, fear-less athletic and a very fast learner. He is also very well mannered. He sits properly and waits for his food, when taught not to jump on the table he stopped. He also waits at the front door before bolting into the house, he even lets us go through the door first.
he is social he loves people, unless he's sleepy then he's not overly interested. other dogs he is not afraid of he is not timid, but he barks like crazy. He goes a little "ape-shit" when he sees other dogs, he wants to play with all of them.
He loves Logan, whatever Logan does Conrad follows. He also really like Bently my dad's standard poodle. He follows him around the property a lot too.

Conrad will also be doing obedience training at the Ottawa canine school and weekly sessions with brad as well.
 He had no reaction to the rabies shot or other shots. No funny poops or anything. He is also pretty well potty trained. no accidents in the house for 3 weeks now.
He is very picky. Even with treats. nothing but the good stuff. lol he's a princess!
We are taping the ears which seems to be going fine, he can get himself out of the tape eventually though, so we do more of it at night.

He does improve all the time and i am pleased with this dog

hope Gemma and Harley are well too.

Hello Jean,

Harley is so amazing.....we love him to pieces :) He fits extremely well in our family and everyone introduced to him fall in love with him.
He's so well mannered, not an ounce of aggression, luvs play time, nap time, sunbathing and so good at walking.....He knows that his head has to be in Line with our Knee.....extremely smart. Sit and pees on command, ask for the door when needed, during feeding time, Harley sits and waits until he's told to eat :) ohhh and he's mister social....luvs the humans and all pets....all
We are starting kindergarden with Harley in a couple weeks. Harley had his last needles last Monday, he was 32 pds.
We are so happy and in love with this little guy. It would be Nice to see you guys this summer.
Talk to you soon,
Guylaine, Mario, Max, Harley, Maggie & Mitaine :D

NothinToHide's Historical Value  "Conrad"

NothinToHide's Harley Davidson  "Harley""

NothinToHide's Hidden Gem  "Gemma"

Born December 22, 2014.

litter "H" consisted of 3 puppies, 2 black and rust males and 1 black and rust Female. Sire: CH Wrath-Liberators Hugo Boss, Dame: NothinToHide's Definite Diva. Health testing and Pedigree.