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Hi Jean,

What a blessing it is to have Tythan as our new member of our family. He brings such joy and happiness to our home. He's getting along well with my children and with my other dog. I'm amazed on how quickly he's learning his commands and how eager he is to please us.
I'd like to thank you for your time on answering my questions and for all the postings on Facebook. It has been very helpful and informative.
Keep in touch,
Suzie L.
Hello Jean

Diesel has been such a great addition to our family. He is an energetic, loving, handsome dog that turns heads when we are out. Diesel recently graduated puppy class and was the most intelligent dog in the group. He picked up basic training commands so quickly, impressing everyone. We took Diesel camping and to the beach this summer. He does not enjoy swimming too much, which we already guessed based on his reaction to rain, but he loves the outdoors. He is so inquisitive, sniffing everything and it is fun to watch as he discovers something new in life. He has won the hearts of our friends and family as well, excited and playing with everyone when they are here. A great social dog.

The vet is happy with Diesel's development. He now weighs approximately 42lbs with a great athletic body. He has had all his boosters and rabies shots. He has a very healthy appetite and we are always impressed with how fast he inhales his food. He is still teething, therefore needing to bite everything. He has many toys, but still prefers our stuff, although immediately stops when told to. So impressed with his obedience.
We are very happy with Diesel and love him dearly. We look forward to come home and get kisses from him, play with him in the backyard and snuggle up with him and a movie. Can't imagine life without him.

-Shawn & Romayne
June 20th
Potty training is a work in progress but Django will go the entire night no problem. He sleeps in a crate next to the bed. He's learning how to walk properly on a leash . Django is a definitely a bundle of energy!
Hi Jean

Kasha is doing really awesome in the puppy class, very social and enthusiasm with other dogs/people.
We are practicing staking every week at home, she is super good ! We are doing some teaching in the puppy class as well, stranger touch her all over the place with no unpleasant reaction. She have a LOT of energy, I'm focusing on mental and physical training. She will be a wonderful dog actually she is already.
Kasha have a very sensitive bowel, we got several episode of diarrhea, from now she is ok. We have to make sure she don't eat anything that she is not use to it, like treat or whatever.
Ears are pretty much standing by them-self now, we still taped them every 2 days for 4 days.
Kasha is my little sunshine (and Mike's too) lol
Thank you,
Joanie & Michael

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Crystal was born March 29, 2013, we hope that she will follow in the footsteps of her mother, NothinToHide’s Endless Summer. Her favorite things are snuggles in bed, being a back seat driver on trips and really long trail runs. 
Hi Jean

Ruby is doing very well. We are currently learning the boundaries of the Invisible Fence system on-leash.
We started puppy school for the main purpose of socializing and playing on the agility equipment.  Ruby is the best trained dog there so far.  It surprises me that people are so ignorant towards raising and training dogs.  There was a young girl there that just completely admired Ruby’s ears.  
We will stay in touch. Thank you so much for providing us with such a beautiful puppy.

Jamie & Kelsey

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Born March the 29, 2013 our litter "F" consisted of 8 puppies,  1 red and rust male,  1 red and rust female, 4 black and rust males and 2 black and rust females. Sire: CH. Liberator's Apache Warbonnet, Dame: CH. NothinToHide Endless Summer. All health testing on Dame availableHere .

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