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NothinToHide's  Extremely  Jake     "Jake" 

Nothintohide Engels Emmerich     "Chase"  

Hi Jean,                                                                                                                                Updated September 20/11                                                                                                                                                             
Just an update, chase is now 66 lbs. Had his last vet appointment at the beginning of the August and everything was fine. Turning out to be a remarkably calm puppy, nothing at all with bother him (even liked to watch the big storms that came through over the last couple of weeks)..
Ears are almost there, one is free standing but other one is still a little lazy... Will keep taped for a little while longer. Chase us super socialized and get along with just about every person and dog he meets. Still a lot of growing to do I expect since his feet are still huge in relation to body.
He loves to crash on the sofa and fall asleep upside down.
Update May 21, 2012
Chase just had his 1 year checkup… All is well, weighed in at 92.4 lbs (42 KG). Been to the off lease park everyday this weekend, he loves to do nothing but run. Super good temperament, never bothers with other dogs unless they also want to run or engage in good spirited wrestling… 
Cheryl and David Purdie

Nothintohide El Caballero       "Nacho"

Hi Jean!
Here's a quick Nacho update:
Well after only two short weeks, our little Nacho is not so little anymore. He's growing like a weed- It seems that every time he has a good stretch, he looks taller! Nacho had his first meeting with his new vet and was 20 pounds and amazingly well behaved. Our vet remarked that he was shiny and beautiful and that his forehead wrinkles were adorable. He still has his "puppy moments" where he seems to have limitless energy and forgets his name, but otherwise, he's developing a pretty calm personality. He's getting braver and more confident every day. He readily sleeps in his crate every night without coaxing (well maybe a little since I heat up his blanket in the dryer now and then ) He's learned to "sit", "lay down", and we're working on "come" and some leash training, but overall, his progress is great. We're starting puppy obedience classes on July 5 after his 2nd set of shots- I'm really looking forward to it. Overall, he's healthy, happy, and keeps us laughing. It's hard to believe, but his nails need trimming already- just wondering what kind of dremel you have and what grit of sandpaper as well- it seems to me it was a Black and Decker?
Thanks again and I'll be sure to keep you posted!
Robyn, Oscar, and Nacho

NothinToHide's Endless Summer

NothinToHide's Endless Summer

Canadian Champion

Nothintohide Escape Artist          "Rocco" 

Hi Jean,                                                                                              Updated September 20/11            
Rocco is a joy!....a handful, but a real joy! Everyone stops us on walks and ooo's and aww's about him. He is such a ham! Loves the  attention! Not aggressive in any sense of the word! He absolutely adores kids! His favorite thing to do is run around the yard with our nephew and nieces! He hasn't been sick at all and the vet say's he is in perfect shape and health! He last weighed in at 58 lbs and is 26" tall from the shoulder down. We were VERY lucky with Roccos ears. We taped them a total of 3 times and have been standing since. Not even 2 months. :)
He is VERY food motivated. He will do ANYTHING for food. But he also has great manners. He will sit and wait patiently until the  food is down and we say he can eat! We are looking into puppy classes now and have found a place. He loves us both equally but he seems to have given us separate roles. Daniel is his playmate, he never stops playing with him, and will  do anything Daniel says, but when he is with me, he is so calm and loving. This past week I've been sick, he's done nothing but keep a  watchful eye on me and snuggle with me. :)
The cat Cinci and Rocco have a love/hate relationship. They love to chase eachother around. No sleeping together yet. I hope that happens soon. and I will be sure to get the first picture! I haven't been successful in taking a pic of him while he's smiling, he does it EVERY morning when we wake up and every afternoon when I come home from work. I need to remember to keep my camera handy.
Hope you're having a great day, give huge hugz to all the dogs for me and an especially huge hug to Kole. I love grandpa Kole! ;) lol

Talk to you soon,
Christina & Daniel

Born March the 28st 2011 our litter "E" consisted of 4 black and rust males and 1 black and rust female. Sire: CH. Lyndobes Turn On The Charm, Dame: CH. NothinToHide Autumn Angel. All health testing on Dame available Here .

Litter "E"