NothinToHide Dobermans

NothinToHide's Boldly Handsome " Bently"

Dear John, Jean and Joan,

We are so happy that we found your site. We had been looking for a Doberman breeder in our area for years.We were even more excited when we called for the first time and you said that you were expecting a new litter. Everything just fell into place after that. Now we have Bentley, we are so happy with him. He is a great family pet. Our cat was very happy to have someone to play with. Chris had someone to bring along for walk through the bush.

"One of Bentley favortie thing to do"! I have someone who is watching out for though's bumps in the night. Clayton has his best friend. Where one of them is their is the other. From watching out for Clayton while he play's in his sandbox, to getting a ball that he throw for him to go, to sleeping on the floor beside his bed. Bentley love car rides. He comes with me somedays to pick Clayton up at day care. The kids at the day care love when Bentley comes to get get Clayton. They all run over and want to pet him and " Clayton loves to show him off". When we walk do the street people always say what a beautiful dog we have. another one of Bentley favortie thing to do is play with other dogs. Bentley is very well socialized dog he gets along with all other dogs. We have never run across a dog he does get along with. I want to thank you for raising such beautiful dogs. We do not know what life would be like with out Bentley.

Thanks Again talk to you soon,


Chris, Katie and Clayton

The Peter Family.

NothinToHide's Bad To The Bone  " Diesel"

NothinToHide's Burns Desire  " Kaiser"

In May 2009 our life was changed forever when we got to take home our little puppy Kaiser. He wasn’t little for very long but we have had a ton of fun raising him and watching him grow into a majestic and beautiful example of the Doberman breed. Kaiser is very loving; he gets along with everyone from small children and adults to dogs of all shapes and sizes. Throughout our learning curve in puppy parenting Jean has made herself available to answer all of our questions and to offer us lots of good advice. She was there every step of the way with Kaiser’s ear cropping making the process as easy as possible for all of us. She is genuinely concerned for the health and happiness of each one of her puppies and it’s clear that this will be the case for the lifetime of the dogs. Jean and John have a true love for the Doberman breed and it shows in all that they do when it comes to being dog breeders and handlers. We are very pleased to be the owner of a Nothin To Hide Doberman and we expect to see great things to come from this breeder in the future.


Leanne, Matt and Kaiser  

NothinToHide's Bakers Dozen  " Ramsey"

Thank you Jean, John and Joan!

Jeff and I couldn't have asked for a better dog than Ramsay!  It's was like you could see into the future and know what he was going to be like when he got older.  Everything we were looking for and wanted in our Doberman we absolutely got!! He is PERFECT!! Except for maybe his love with our rec room couch :P Rams is full of life and energy but loves hanging out and relaxing at home too.  We have received so many complements on his personality, behaviour and appearance.  People are always stopping to talk with us or admire him.  Ramsay is now a graduate of puppy school and level 1.  He picks up on everything so quickly and he loves the social aspect of dog school.  We will be taking him back for level 2, level 3 and hopefully get him into agility training.  Thanks again Jean!!! You are a wonderful breeder and our next Doberman will definitely be from you :)

Jeff Lindsay O’Neill

NothinToHide's Believe In Me  " Mickey"

Hi Jean,

Everything is great with Mickey.  As you know he is now 16 weeks and is showing great progress.  We always get compliments on him when we go for walks or take him on our roller blades.  Mickey’s personality is probably his best attribute, he does so well with other dogs, cats and kittens.  He loves being around people and children, Mickey jumps sometimes when he gets to excited but knows his own strength when it comes to restraining himself around smaller animals and children.  Because of his intelligence and temperament we have been able to teach Mickey many commands such as sit, stay, lie down and come with ease.  He is coming along well with his conformation and I know Emilie and I owe this all to you.  After speaking with you on the phone the first time I had a good feeling that Emilie and I found the breeder we were looking for.  You love your dogs so much and we appreciate your “screening process” for your future dog owners.  It’s nice to know that you are concerned for your pups and want only the best homes for them.  Emilie and I could not have received a better Doberman and we will be forever grateful to have Mickey as part of our family.  I know we will continue to be friends well into the future and hope to someday have another Doberman from one of your beautiful well above standard puppy litters.

Thanks again for all the support
Emilie, Vinny and Mickey

Born March the 4th 2009 our litter "B" consisted of 5 puppies, 5 black and rust males. Sire: Fabert's For Your Eyes Only, Dame: Fantahausen Sparklyn Amber. All health testing on parents available HERE. List below are the individual puppies and a few words from their new owners.

Litter "B"