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Stormy is also great with other dogs her best friend right now is my friend's 9 month old American Eskimo puppy... Stormy is 4 times his puppy's size already but they love chasing each other in my backyard at least twice a week & Stormy is gentle enough & careful enough when they are close to not trample this puppy, but instead jumps over her. Stormy loves to play with dogs, kids & adults. At 6 months now & growing quickly, I have not witnessed any nastiness at all towards other dogs.... she just wants to play with them... and she has not showed any bad qualities at all towards people. She does do her job as far as alerting me to strangers or unknown dogs coming around the house and scares them already with her great deep bark. She is very much " on the ball", and doesn't sleep through any noise... even the quietest... she is a pro at her job...  and I've nicknamed her Mrs. Kravitz... because when inside, she's always looking out the windows for any sign of trouble.

She has personality plus & she is the third Dobe I have owned, but she is the first one I have ever seen smile when she is excited... it is extremely funny, it makes me laugh so hard, whenever she first wakes up or when I pick up her collar & leash & when her best friend & my first walk through the door. I will try to take a picture of it & send it to you when I get it.

I would highly recommend anyone wanting to buy a future puppy from NothinToHide Dobermans. I an certainly  pleased with Stormy and just to  remind you , I would also take Jewel from you Jena, If you ever wanted to part with her now, or any other Dobe puppy you have bred.

When I catch a picture of Stormy smiling I'll send that on for you.

Take Care,

Debbie & Stormy.

UPDATED: September 08, 2010

Hi Jean,
Glad to hear all is well with you.
As for Stormy & Jewel's health, they are very healthy & active. It is great watching them play together & cuddle up together. They are a GREAT pair of Dobes! I actually couldn't ask for better dogs! They listen very well & were also great as puppies.
Jewel is like gold, & listens on first command & looks me right in the eyes as soon as I speak. She is an extremely happy girl & it is quite obvious. When ever I speak "sissy" to her & say "How's my Jewel baby?" she wiggles her whole body & has started smiling every now & then, however it's not as much as like Stormy does.
Stormy is a character & as you said before, her father smile/laughed a lot. She laughs/smiles constantly & likes to play a new game we started about a month ago called "I'm gonna get you Stormy". Whenever I say that to her, & play chase her, her whole body "scrunches up" & "wags" back & forth & the biggest longest laugh/smile is on her face. She'll run away laughing & then stop, turn around & run after me laughing. My friends & I laugh so hard at her when she is smiling/laughing, she is now know as my joker. She is a very happy girl!
I have to buy myself a video camera & put her on You Tube. My friends insist it will go viral if I put her on there laughing. It is hilarious & she is always making me laugh. When I get the video camera I'll send you a video of our chasing game, it's guaranteed to make you laugh.
Sorry I forgot to send a pic of the 3rd B-Day Cake without it in the box.

Take Care,
Debbie, Stormy & Jewel R. 

NothinToHide's Autumn Preston

We are more then happy with our newest member of the family. Preston, a Doberman puppy we picked up from NOTHIN TO HIDE. The somewhat intimidating process of getting a new dog was made very easy by John & Jean, they took care of everything and helped us along the way to raise a new healthy puppy. With experience, knowledge and most importantly a love for dogs, they helped educate us in the world of raising a new puppy, and more specifically a Doberman pinscher puppy. 

It has now been 6 months since we first picked up Preston and he is doing great, he has really adjusted to life with our family and has really taken a love to all of us. He's attending his 3rd level of obedience classes, and although my opinion is biased, I think he's at the top of his class. I'm trying to teach him to stay still while I put a treat on his nose, and have him stay there until I say 'ok,' which then he snaps up the treat without letting it hit the ground. It's a work-in-progress to say the least. We truly enjoy the Doberman breed and recommended them as a family dog to anyone looking for an addition to their family, as well we also recommended NOTHIN TO HIDE as a breeder of 1st choice.

Thanks John & Jean, we love our Preston!'
-The Cunningham Family-
Stratford, ON

NothinToHide's Autumn Bayo

 Dear Jean and Family;

I had been looking for my Doberman for about a year, but had not talked or seen any breeders I was willing to buy from. I had grown up with Dobermans as a child and have come to love the breed. After visiting your home and seeing the dogs I was quite pleased with what I had seen. It was not just a business for you, it was raising baby puppies for you. This is a very rare attitude it seems in the breeders of Dobermans, which is sad there are not more like you raising quality dogs.

We have been very pleased with our dog.  He is very well natured and is a VERY FAST LEARNER.  These  few traits go a long way, when you are training puppies.  Our Bayo enjoys playing with his roommate, on a large farm.  Loves to treat the children like playmates too, and a lot of the time misjudges his distance and runs into us while he is focused on playing.

I have no complaints about health, with our dog, his system can handle quality food with out problems.  I had a pet store owner comment on how surprised she was that our Dobe could eat Solid Gold products, which is very good quality.  I said "we have owned other dobes who's systems were not up to par, but it is all in how you breed them and raise them." The store owner had to agree.

We get many compliments from everyone we see with our dog.  Friends and family cannot believe how he looks, and that he is well behaved and not "hyper" is usually the comments.  I am always ready to give the compliment back to the wonderful breeder we were lucky to deal with.

Well Jean, I hope if there is any other families who are considering a puppy with you, that they truly appreciate the opportunity to work with you and the wonderful dogs you have to offer.

Take care and talk soon!!
Yours Truly
D. Robinson

Born September the 5th 2007 our very first litter consisted of 10 puppies, 5 black and rust female and 5 black and rust males. Sire: Fantahausen Rolls Royce, Dame: Fantahausen Sparklyn Amber. All health testing on parents available HERE. List below are the individual puppies and a few words from their new owners.

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