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NothinToHide Decembers  Dawn   "Eden"

NothinToHide Decembers Dream  "Tazz"

NothinToHide Definte Angel   "Damien"

Hello Jean,
Damien is doing very well, he is very energetic, can't wait for the spring so that he can enjoy himself outside more since he hates the cold weather. He has all his vaccinations and has not had any health issues. He is a very big boy and currently weighs 40Lbs. We have been going to obedience classes for the past 3 weeks, every Wednesday night, and he is doing very well. He still has accidents in the house every now and then. Hopefully it will get better by spring. He is absolutely gorgeous. Wait till you see the pics.
Take care Jeannie,

NothinToHide Dream On   "Madison"

Dear Jean,

Thank you for Madison and for all your loving support.
As you know, the day I came to visit you for the first time, I wasn't planning to buy a dog; I was only kicking tires.  I had been researching guard dogs and found your website.  Since you lived not too far away, I recognized a golden opportunity to do more research, up close and personal, on the Doberman breed.
Though I made it clear that I wasn't there to buy, you spent considerable time with me, answering my questions -- and asking at least as many in return!  You didn't try to sell me a puppy, and even discussed the temperaments of other breeds.  Well, to make a long story short, I was so impressed with your Dobermans and how much you love them, and how interested you are in their well-being, and how carefully  you screen potential owners that, in the end, I was convinced that you were the right breeder, with the right breed.
Having made that meticulously thought-out decision, I steeled myself for about 6 months of puppy monster.  To my surprise and delight, however,  Madison is exceeding all my expectations.  She seems almost to be able  to read my mind, wanting to respond appropriately and learning quickly.
Now, if only I could get her to walk on a leash, like a lady!  She's improving but prefers to run, as graceful as a gazelle, across the  field.  I expect that socializing with other dogs behaving well in training classes will make a difference.

Anticipating an enduring relationship,

NothinToHide Detective Byron   "Byron"

Jean                                                     Updated September 20,2011
First of all I want to say thank you for all the support you offered me as a first-time Doberman owner J I had been to a few other breeders before I met you and the experience you gave me was one of the best. Compared to the other breeders I met with I was totally in love with your dogs; they didn’t scare me – you told me before I met with you what to expect and that made my experience so much better. Your Dobermans where what sold me on getting that breed of dog – they are just delightful! I really liked that I was able to see Byron’s mom while she was pregnant, when the puppies were born, and again when we came back for the ear taping workshop. I was easily able to see that she was a very sweet girl and in that respect Byron is definitely just like his mom. What I really enjoyed about purchasing a puppy from you was that you were always available to answer my questions. I can remember reading about the ear-taping procedure however after I learned how to do it (thanks to your awesome workshop!) I don’t think it would have gone over nearly as smoothly or as quickly as it did – I will credit Byron’s prefect ears to the afternoon spent with you and John learning how to take care of the ears. You were also one of the only breeders who saw that as a student I was able to spend those first few months at home with Byron more often than most other puppy owners. Byron is the perfect puppy; he is very intelligent with a fantastic disposition. He guards (like all Dobermans do) but he is the most affectionate dog I have ever owned. As a puppy he was easily trained and again loved to cuddle. As a baby, when he was tired, he would crawl into my lap as if to say ‘okay, I’ve had enough for now’ and go to sleep; at 75lbs he can still be found on my lap. He loves to run and play and since he tends to stay close we can take him out to play in the bush for the afternoon. Byron took to basic obedience very well and was one of the better behaved puppies; he is currently enjoying puppy agility and has even tried rally-o (rally obedience). There isn’t a mean bone in his body and he is a wonderful addition to our family J I would like to extend a sincere thank you for all of your support with Byron. Hopefully some day we can meet up and you can see what a delightful dog he is. We love him and he has been a perfect fit into our family.
Thanks for everything!
Heather & Byron

NothinToHide Dionissis         "Zeus"

NothinToHide Daedal us   "Reddick"

Hi Jean,

I just wanted to let you know that Riddick is doing great. He has been a great addition to the family and gets along with all the animals. He is a pleasure to bring out and I never have any issues with him. I have been taking him to off leash parks and walks in the forest without any incidents. But I will admit he can be a little stubborn at times when you call him over. He is currently around 55-60 lbs and looks like he is finally almost done growing. Most of the time people are a little nervous when they see us walking down the street and either cross or pick up their smaller dogs. And when they meet him they are always surprised how calm he is and how gentle he is with smaller dogs. Probably because he is always chasing the two cats around the house. Since summer just started I haven’t had the chance to go rollerblading with him but it is on my to do list. We use to go for jogs but as he got older he seems to have a little more speed and endurance then me. I remember when he was younger I was out front and now I can barely keep up.

I will send you more updates as time goes on but wanted to let you know I couldn't be happier with my choice of dogs and breeders. I tried to email some videos of him in his dog classes but couldn't attach them to the email.


NothinToHide Dorge Yoda

Hi Jean,

Here are some pictures from a recent morning walk. Yoda is doing very well in agility, we will start an advanced agility course next week. Our trainer ( Dawn Chisholm ) won this years agility nationals with her Malinois. She is a real pleasure to train with. I hope all is well with you and your pack.


Updated September 20,2011

Hi Jean, I had Yoda weighed at the vet yesterday: he is now 70 lbs and 27" at the shoulder. He is also starting to smile when greeting us (pulls back his lips so his teeth show). I don't know if you experienced a dog do this, but one has to know  the dog to know it is a friendly gesture since it looks so similar to a snarl. A recent visitor remarked that Yoda is a good ambassador of his breed., At puppy classes he is very prompt and enthusiastic on a recall even with distractions, and enjoys heeling The trainer is very impressed with his social skills especially for his breed. Yoda is doing very well, sits, "down", and has learned to walk on leash. I must admit we have fun training.

Generally he is very "together and grounded" and very willing to follow  commands. I have also included a DVD with short video clips and images of Yoda playing with Paco. Both my shop and the cottage where I worked until last week are of course heated, but Yoda enjoys the heat lamp, he gets very relaxed under it and sleeps through any machine noise ( I keep it very short a minute or two max ). When I work alone with intermittent use of power tools – perfect, He seems "bombproof" around noise. He is very smart, learns and accepts rules quickly.

Having him is like having a small child so it is a bit of an adjustment but mainly a lot of joy. His growth rate is amazing you can literally watch him grow Whenever I can, I take him with me ( post office, music lessons - our sons guitar teacher also has a young dog, they played well together ), but in this cold it's difficult. Thank you for staying in touch, we appreciate and share your concern and love for your dogs. Please feel free to contact us any time. He is great!

We enjoy Yoda very much.


NothinToHide Definte Diva & NothinToHide's Dexter better B Good

Hi Jean,
Thor is doing great! He was amazing the first night. He slept through the night and has every night since. We have begun to crate train already and it seems to work very well.
.We have taught him several tricks already, he can sit, give high five, lay down and watch us. He responds very well to treats so it has been very easy to train him. His ears are looking very good. We have been leaving them untapped for up to 4 days and they haven't flopped down at all. We got our roller blades out and we take him rolling blading almost everyday. He's full of energy and its hard to keep up with him sometimes but we are managing just fine. We love exercising him because it gets us out of the house as well. We take him down to the river all the time and he going for little swims.
Updated July 3,2013
Hope everything is well with you. Thor and diva are doing great. We visit the dog park all the time and diva has made many new friends. Troy and I have just been discussing things and we are wondering what your long term plans are for diva as we have become very attached to her.

Take care

Born September the 27th 2010,  litter consisted of 10 puppies, 3 black and rust female and 7 black and rust males. Sire:CH. Lyndobe's Turn on the Charm, Dame: Fantahausen Sparklyn Amber. All health testing on dame available HERE. List below are the individual puppies and a few words from their new owners.

Litter "D"