NothinToHide's Great X Pectations   "Shadow"

NothinToHide's Grand Illusion   "Gemma"

NothinToHide's Genuine Article  "Flash"

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Litter "G"

Born June 23, 2014,four healthy puppies. Two black and rust boys and two black and rust girls.. Sire:Ch. Liberator's Hollywood Reporter, Dame: CH.  NothinToHide's Endless Summer. All health testing on parents available HERE. List below are the individual puppies and a few words from their new owners. 

Litter "G"

NothinToHide         Dobermans

Hi Jean, Thanx for helping us out.

Thanx again Dan and Alison

Update on Shadow to come.

Hi Jean Flash is getting more clever every day. For example, he quickly figured out the technique to open the porch door. He’s getting more and more aware of our body language. He’s not a big fan of the clicker technique. On the other hand, he keeps watching our reactions and he develops the reflex for acting accordingly. Anyway, I think that this is genuinely the doberman style for doing things and achieving the strong characteristic binding that emerges from mutual love and respect. The jumping on Monique is becoming slowly a thing of the past. It’s a relief for her. BTW, he understands every word we say. Very bright and proves it day after day. He is also very active and energetic. I hope everybody is well and happy in your deck of the woods. L.C.

Hi Jean,

Gemma is doing great. Everyone loves her and says that she is an amazing dog. We start puppy obedience next week with Guides Canins although we started clicker training with her on our own some time ago.
She's went for her 3rd round of shots this week and will be going back mid-November for her last Lepto & 1st Rabies. The vet just loves her.
We've almost mastered sit and come completely and we're also working on her leash walking. She is a very quick and eager learner.